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Motivation Career refers to the highest-rated organization of career counselling in Kolkata. We stand as the pathfinders within the career counselling business. Our career assessment options are accessible in various languages like Telugu, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, English and Bengali. Our empanelled career counsellors in Kolkata are highly equipped, experienced and thoroughly trained. Our empanelled instructors share more than lakhs of career guidance and counselling for students in Kolkata each year and come with the highest ratings.
Motivation Career assessments are deemed as the Industry benchmark. By applying the best strategies of career guidance for all type of students, the applicants are examined on various key dimensions, thereby, providing us with an edge over additional service providers. These unique dimensions are career counselling for school and college students, career interest, personality analysis, learning style, career motivators, Skills and Abilities, and emotional Quotient. Here are our key strategies:

  • Qualified career counsellors in various locations: Motivation Career comes with the biggest chain of career counsellors providing career counselling for students in kolkata. All the qualified career counsellors have accredited career analyst certificates.
  • Psychometric Career Tests for Professionals & students: There are notably workable types of psychometric evaluation tests from class 5 to professionals.
  • College Choices and Admission Analysis: Get the required data and insights on the Top colleges and reputable exams review for every candidate with the chances of admission prediction.
  • College Application Tracking: Make sure to apply and trace your application to best and top universities, including global and international colleges.
  • Student Dashboard: Now, you can access information about exams and colleges in our student dashboard panel. You have access to the Detailed career library, Career Boosters and much more.
  • Personal Improvement videos: Motivation Career lab, a group of career consultants in Kolkata, comes with a high-quality compilation of personality and skill improvement videos having unlimited access to every candidate. 
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How career counselling for students can help to choose the right career?

There are various career opportunities accessible to students and professionals when deciding on their careers. Career counselling online in kolkata is a trustworthy approach that strives to create more meaningful career choices for working professionals and students. Considering the long times, the work at our offices, our happiness and prosperity in our preferred career often restrict the quality and satisfaction in our lives. The incorrect career decisions add to disappointment, failure and pain both within our working and personal lives. Therefore, a knowledgeable decision according to our abilities, personality and additional vital traits happen to be paramount. It is the base where career counselling by a reputable career counselling centre in kolkata comes in. Know how it can help you to choose the right career.

Tips to Choose the Right Career Guidance Centre

A student or a working professional requires career counselling online to determine the most suitable career choice. Each student has diverse talent and skills. Career decision-making does not happen to be something that happens only once in a lifetime, but, rather, it is known as a continuous ritual that might occur at any age. 

  • Career counsellors in Kolkata can help students tap their inherent potential. A professional from a career counselling centre might be able to guide students in a way no one can. 
  • An effective career counselling for school and college students in India happens to be the need of an hour. It promotes sufficient career guidance. Right guidance from the right career guidance centre in kolkata at the right time can assist many students and professionals to live their dream life.
  • A career choice happens to be one of the essential decisions in the students’ life. There remains a fragile barrier between a happy and unhappy career. Choose carefully.  


Why Choose Us as The Leading Career Consultants in Kolkata

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  • Our counselling facilities and career tests in Kolkata will assist you in taking the right decision. Career counselling for sll school and college students benefits not only in choosing the proper subjects or course but additionally in chalking out a full career plan concerning successful professional development. Our counselling sittings are led by the experienced career consultants who will give accurate career direction and preparation in your favoured area.
  • Motivation Career takes validated and scientifically researched career tests for each student looking for career counselling and direction to make a change. Our career guidance and counselling for students help them learn themself to make an accurate career decision. Moreover, the recommendations happen to be according to a self-evaluation that recognizes an individual’s interests, skills, knowledge areas, personality etc. 
  • In our career counselling process for students we focus on preparing them for the experience of academics, including a brilliant career within a proven alliance of expert guidance and examination according to research and regulated tests. Personalized one on one counselling sessions supports this. In turn, it ends up in helping them to know more about their aptitude, skill, interest and personality other than addressing the difficulty areas. 
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