The scope for career growth is now more than ever before. However, not everybody is able to achieve a high level of success in the career path they pursue. Therefore, it is important to have the in-demand skill set that is relevant to the changing market trends.

At Motivational Career, we help you choose the career path that’s destined for you and help you develop the right skill sets which will set you apart from others

Basic Computer Course

Computer-dependent technologies have now become ubiquitous. Therefore, it is a must to have at least a basic understanding of all the important factors that directly relate to computer and its usage. Having a basic level of computer knowledge also makes you technologically ready for taking on technical challenges you may have to face during job interviews.

With our basic computer course in Kolkata, we prepare you in the best way possible to help you become ready to take on any technical feat, even if that means becoming ready for pursuing a technical career path. 

We have designed our basic computer courses for beginners in such a way that they become relevant to students of all streams. The courses have a structured theory layout. What is best about the courses is that they focus heavily on hands-on learning approaches.

Spoken English Training Kolkata

Without proficiency in spoken english, it becomes highly challenging for almost all students and job aspirants to land the job they want. Therefore, it is a must to have proficiency in spoken english.

We are undoubtedly the right spoken english institute in Kolkata as we tailor our courses as per the specific requirements of the students. We have designed our spoken english course in Kolkata to cover all the basics of the english language vocabulary.

With our spoken english training in Kolkata, we also help students learn the right usage of words. This, in turn, helps them make their english language vocabulary richer. And with a rich spoken english vocabulary, students get a competitive edge over others when it comes to landing the dream job

Tally & GST Training Course

If there is one skill set that is highly relevant in almost all industries, it is tallying. With unmistakable expertise in tallying, it becomes easier for students to pursue a rewarding career path in almost any industry.

As a reputed tally training institute, we help students develop a strong foundation in tallying. Our tally course in Kolkata is available for students of all streams; we also cover high-level tallying that is required in large-sized manufacturing companies and corporates.

We also offer a GST course in Kolkata. The course focuses on how students can build a strong foundation of GST understanding and then further develop their expertise in it. Students of almost any stream can pursue this course in order to build their expertise around GST understanding. What is interesting to know is that budding entrepreneurs, as well as business owners, can also enrol for this GST course in order to better understand taxation

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