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The Advantages And Disadvantages of Career Counselling

More than half the population has come across the thought of getting career counseling at least once in their life. This is one of the aspects that catch the focus as it sounds beneficial to anyone. It seems to help many young minds to select a career path and be successful in it. But you should evaluate its advantages and disadvantages before you choose to have career counseling for students in Kolkata.

career counselling for students
Career Counselling

Advantages of Career Counseling 

  • Determines Field of Interest and Strength

Many career assessment tools are used by career counselors to determine which is the field of interest for any candidate and what are their skills. This will help you head towards the right career. You will not be diverted to an area where you are weak.

  • Sets Your Aim Right

Any career counseling helps to set the aim right. once you assess your strengths you will be able to work towards your goal. You will have realistic goals that you can focus on. In shorter words, your energy will not be diverted to anywhere else.

  • Understand Your Career Option

When you are getting career counseling you will be able to discuss pe of career you are looking for. You will be able to determine your career goals better. The counselor will assess your interests, personality, capabilities, and values.

Disadvantages of Career Counseling–

  • Uncertainty –

No matter how full proof the counseling is not a single counselor will be able to guarantee you a job. You may be fit for a certain field, but you may find the job unsatisfying. Or the job market can change completely while you graduate.

  • Limits Choices –

For one thing, you may be good at one thing and or multiple things. When you are going for career counseling you are limiting your choices. You will be diverted to one field so that your focus, efforts, and energy does not get divided.

  • Affordability –

Everyone can’t get access to a highly professional career counseling program. Moreover, these are quite costly in the first place which is why many do not get to access them.

Multiple organizations offer career counseling for students in Kolkata. You can go through both the disadvantages and advantages of career counseling and decide for yourself which one is best for you. When it is about your career you should think twice before taking any step.

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